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Those days now feel far away, but Pillow Play seems like a low-stakes way back in.

The app tells us we’re at a party and about to make initial eye contact.

Later, Rob confesses to preferring the tantalisation phase.

‘I could have done with a bit less of the “tongues dancing, warm and wild”,’ he says.

He looks at her a moment longer, her cheeks flushed. Liquid fire burns through her veins; his tongue darts inside her.’ You get the idea.

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Surely it was as essential as eating, as breathing? Well, fast forward seven years and things have changed.Phase 3: Role play Late on a Tuesday night, after a hectic day at work, we embark on the role-play phase, stepping into the shoes of an imaginary couple, Ryan and Emma, who meet in a bar.Role play isn’t new for us – we used to meet in public as ‘other people’ early on in our relationship.‘I see a lot of people who have lost intimacy,’ says psychosexual therapist Krystal Woodbridge.‘Pillow Play might be helpful as it can be hard to know where to start and specific guidance can be useful.

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